How 5 digital agencies generated over 16000 leads.

(Psst.. Here's how your agency could do the same)

We all know generating qualified leads for your agency is a pain. We are particularly familiar with this problem. Our product has evolved from the experience of running a marketing agency that covered 500+ campaigns for several years. We know how strenuous lead generation can get and how prevalent of a problem this is for marketing agencies all around the world.

Let’s for a moment take a look at how lead generation is usually done at agencies.

Your marketing team ‘actively’ seeks out SMB leads, with a scant idea on how qualified they are. The business development team then approaches these leads with gusto, only to realise that there is some disparity between the leads’ expectations and your offering. You then spend some time and dollars behind educating your leads and then finally convert a small percentage of these leads into paying clients. Oh and let’s not forget those stressful long nights and alcohol-aided debates on why leads are so hard to close these days.

Now, don’t get me wrong. This process process works. After all that hassle, you do end up with a good amount of business.

But does this process scale up?

What happens when you want to grow your business 2x more? Can your liver afford 2x more the alcohol? Of course not. The alcohol is just an analogy but you get the point.

Having a process that scales up lead generation without requiring your agency to drastically scale up in it’s operations and marketing spend, was the motive behind our product.

Fast forward to a few months later and we released our white-label Prospecting Tool for our agency partners. Our Prospecting Tool provides SMBs with a quick overview of their online presence on over 40 directories. As you can tell by now, Synup builds products for enhancing an SMB’s local SEO.

Of course, after every product release, we stay in close touch with our clients to understand how well the product benefited them. After pulling in the numbers, we can happily report to you that our Prospecting Tool generated over 16000 in leads for our top 5 agencies ( in terms of leads generated ). With a benchmark conversion rate of even a measly 7%, that equates to about 1120 new clients.

Now that’s some serious business earned.

Given below is a quick 4-step summary of how you can use our Prospecting Tool to drive the same amount of business opportunity for your agency.

1. Have a local SEO package: It’s imperative that your agency offers a local SEO package, as most top agencies already do. If you don’t have such a package as yet, feel free to have a word with our Business Development Team and we can advise you on the correct strategy.

2. Host your lead magnet: We’ll host your own Scan Tool at After running a scan, SMBs can have a quick understanding of the status of their business listings over 40+ networks.

3. Track Leads: Details of all the SMBs who ran a business scan ( aka leads ) are pushed onto your personal white-label dashboard in the ‘Leads & Clients’ section.

4. Manage Clients: Your converted leads can be managed via the white-label dashboard. Handle your clients’ business listings, reputation management, reporting and more.

Now, if you’re absolutely content with the amount of business you do, then you could do without adding an extra offering to your suite. Working with a limited number of clients and having a healthy business relationship with them is a rare comfort.

However, if you’ve read up until here, I can safely classify you as someone who’s always seeking new opportunities to expand your business. At the risk of sounding like the typical salesman, I can assure you that Synup is one such opportunity.

It would be tempting to raise that 7% conversion rate to 10% and quote higher conversion numbers. But the focus of this article is to keep things real and the reality is that Synup does help agencies with a sizeable increase in their offering, and thereby revenue.

If you would like to enquire more about our product, get a demo or even just say hi, drop in your details below and we’ll connect with you at a time you’d prefer.

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